Maccabi Haifa’s Bold Decision: Ataa Jaber’s Profile Removed Amidst Controversy

In a decisive move, Maccabi Haifa Football Club has removed Ataa Jaber’s profile from their official website. This action comes after Jaber chose to represent the Palestinian national team, sparking a storm of reactions across the sports community. Maccabi Haifa, where Jaber began his career and made his senior debut in the 2011/2012 season, took this step as a form of protest, declining to comment on the matter further​​.

Jaber, once considered a significant talent at Maccabi Haifa, later transferred to Bnei Sakhnin. His decision to play for Palestine, especially during a time of conflict, has led to widespread criticism and debates among fans, fellow players, and other sports figures. Notably, Sport Ashdod has called for revoking his citizenship, and the controversy has only intensified since Jaber wore a Keffiyeh and observed a moment of silence for Palestinian casualties during a 0-0 draw against Lebanon in the World Cup 2026 qualifiers​.