Bruno Fernandes’ Dedication to Manchester United: Future at Old Trafford

  • Bruno Fernandes is committed to staying at Manchester United as long as the club desires.
  • He has been a crucial figure in Manchester United’s midfield since joining in 2020.
  • Fernandes’ consistent performances and leadership have significantly impacted the club’s success.

Bruno Fernandes’ Dedication to Manchester United: Future at Old Trafford

In a recent declaration, Bruno Fernandes, the Portuguese maestro of Manchester United, expressed his unwavering dedication to the club, affirming that he will remain at Old Trafford as long as the club desires his services. Fernandes stated, “I will be here till when the club wants me and the club wants me to be a part of the future. If for some reason they don’t want me, then I will go.”

This statement from Fernandes comes at a time when his contributions to Manchester United have been significant and multifaceted. Since joining the club from Sporting CP for €55 million on January 30, 2020, Fernandes has been a crucial figure in Manchester United’s midfield. His impact is evident in his performances and statistics across various competitions.

Stellar Performances and Leadership

Bruno Fernandes has consistently showcased his skill and leadership on the pitch. During the 2023-2024 Premier League season, he made 34 appearances, scored 10 goals, and provided 8 assists, playing a total of 3060 minutes. Notably, he captained the team in all 34 matches, demonstrating his leadership qualities. His overall rating for the season stood at an impressive 7.802941.

Fernandes’ influence extends beyond the Premier League. In the 2023-2024 FA Cup, he appeared in 5 matches, scored 3 goals, and provided 1 assist, with a remarkable rating of 8.600000. Furthermore, in the UEFA Champions League 2023-2024 season, he made 6 appearances, scored 2 goals, and provided 1 assist, with a rating of 7.580000.

Contributions Across Seasons

Fernandes’ commitment to Manchester United is not just about his current form but also about his consistent contributions over the seasons. In the 2022-2023 Premier League season, he made 37 appearances, scored 8 goals, and provided 8 assists, with a rating of 7.605405. His performances in other competitions, such as the League Cup and FA Cup, were equally noteworthy, with ratings of 7.900000 and 7.800000, respectively.

A Decorated Career

Before his tenure at Manchester United, Bruno Fernandes had an illustrious career with notable achievements. He won the Taça da Liga twice (2017/2018, 2018/2019) and the Taça de Portugal (2018/2019) with Sporting CP. Internationally, he was part of the Portugal team that won the UEFA Nations League in 2018/2019.

The Manchester United Squad

Fernandes is part of a dynamic Manchester United squad that includes goalkeepers like A. Bayındır and A. Onana, defenders such as V. Lindelöf and H. Maguire, and midfielders including C. Eriksen and Casemiro. The team also features talented attackers like M. Rashford and R. Højlund.

Recent Transfers and Team Dynamics

Manchester United has seen several transfers in the past year, including the acquisition of R. Højlund from Atalanta for €74M and Mason Mount from Chelsea for €64.2M. These additions, along with Fernandes’ presence, strengthen the team’s prospects for future success.


Bruno Fernandes’ declaration of loyalty to Manchester United underscores his dedication to the club’s future. His contributions, both in terms of performance and leadership, have been invaluable. As Manchester United continues to build and strengthen its squad, Fernandes remains a pivotal figure, committed to driving the club towards greater achievements.